What is Up With That Noisy Fridge?

What is Up With That Noisy Fridge?

What Can I Learn From My Noisy Fridge?

A loud obnoxious noise fridge can drive you crazy, by day and by night. All refrigerators make odd noises but some are louder than more obnoxious than others.  So the question is how someone can determine what the noise that is coming from my refrigerator means? Does it mean I should be calling my reliable appliance tech or does it mean everything is working well? We can all learn from the noises that our appliances are making. We can understand what normal sounds like which gives us access to what is unusual. 

Where is the noise coming from? 

When you hear a rattle coming from the back vs the bottom it means something completely different. That noise fridge can be giving you a sign of what is happening.  The bottom rattle, for instance, can mean the drain pan is out of place which a simple thing to change. All you need to do is remove it and place it back insecure.  

If the noise in the fridge is coming from the inside your appliance it could suggest an issue with the defrost system.  Keeping a notepad and paper next to your fridge to take notes on will be very helpful to find out what is really going on. Keep notes on the noise that is coming from your fridge when it starts stops or if it gets softer or louder.  You also might want to write down if your refrigerator does anything else like leak water. If you need an appliance tech to come out and diagnose what is happening this pad can give him valuable information to help him see life through your eyes and understand what is going on with your fridge. 

Is there more going on with your fridge other than noise?

The noise can be a signal that something more is happening with your fridge.  Is your food cold? Do you have water leaking out of the bottom? Those can be signs of an issue that needs to be addressed soon.  Make sure you keep the phone number of your local appliance tech on your fridge and in your phone. This way anyone who walks in your kitchen and sees an issue can know who you trust and get an appointment scheduled so you do not lose food. 

So my refrigerator is quiet, do I have anything to worry about?

A  quiet refrigerator can also mean that your refrigerator is having issues.   The compressor is the heart of your appliance and if it is not making any noise can mean that it is having a problem.  If it is quiet and there is water on the floor, it’s time to call your tech and get someone out. This can be an expensive repair but often less expensive than a new fridge. 

A well-maintained fridge is a well-running fridge. 

We all depend on our appliances, but can they depend on us? We all know not to drive our cars without changing the oil and getting a tune-up on schedule.  Your home appliances are no different, keeping your maintenance upon your fridge will give you the ability to know what is going on with it and keep it running well

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