Why Is My Samsung Washing Machine Not Draining?

Why Is My Samsung Washing Machine Not Draining?

My Clothes Are Soaking and I Do Not Know What to Do!

I can imagine where you are right now as you are reading this blog.   You are possibly standing in front of your Samsung washing machine as it is filled with water and or very wet clothes.   You finally have time to do laundry when all of a sudden your machine is not cooperating! So now the question is why is my machine holding on to the water?  Or even better how can I get this thing to work and get my laundry done?

Our appliances are much more important to our lifestyles in today’s world than they ever have been.  None of us have extra time, we are over-busy and overburdened with all the to do’s that must be done.  Now with a washer that is not working. A broken appliance adds more to get done and we are already out of time.   

What do I need to know to get my Samsung Washing Machine Working Quickly?

So quickly here is a list of things to check out and see if we can get the laundry completed today. 

Get a place to write down notes and take note of these things.

  1. Is your basket full of water or is it filled with soaking clothes?  There is a difference in each scenario. If your machine is filled with water, it could be your drain pump depending on your model and if it is a front loader or top loader.
  2. How full of water is your machine and has it does this before? Knowing the history of your machine will give your appliance care provider the knowledge of what possible parts to bring or if it is even worth fixing before he or she comes out.
  3. Is your washing machine a front loader or top loader? What is your model number and serial number? Knowing this information can get your appliance fixed more quickly.  Make sure you work with a company that caries commonly used parts and can pre-order for your specific machine.
  4. Is your washing machine making a different noise than it normally does? Knowing your machines typical patterns can give you hints on exactly what has it not working today. Having that knowledge will give you the power to know when it is time to fix it or replace it.
  5. Do you have other plumbing problems in your laundry room? Is your laundry room sink not draining?  If there are other issues in the same area of your home, it might not be your machine it might be an issue in your pipes.  You would need to call a plumber to know for sure what is going on with your plumbing.
  6. Do you smell an unusual or stinky smell? A smell can tell an experienced appliance care professional if you smell a burning smell please call your professional before you run your appliance again.

Knowing all of your appliances and what is normal for them is important for when you do have issues. 

We recommend putting a notepad next to your appliance so that you can keep notes on what is happening with all of them. 

Also make sure you put the phone number of your appliance care professional on your machine so that if you have a problem that needs help immediately, your family knows who to call. 

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