Protect Your Home Appliances From The Heat of Summer

Protect Your Home Appliances From The Heat of Summer

We Depend on Our Appliances To Last, But Can They Depend on us This Summer? 

Did you know that summer is almost here? 

Yes, we are here again.  Ready for another Texas summer to hit with all its glory.   The heat affects everything in its path including our appliances.  Fortunately, we have swimming pools to go hang out in and a few margaritas to cool our tongues.  But our appliances do not have those things.  In fact, it is up to us for them to survive another long hot Texas summer.  

Ten Things To Do To Protect Your Appliances From Texas Heat

  1. .Give your refrigerator plenty of room for airflow by not overstuffing it with food: this allows your refrigerator to stay cool and your compressor to work properly.

  2. Do not turn off your air conditioner when you are on vacation. This overworks your freezer, refrigerator, and any other appliance with a compressor in the home.

  3. Stop the doors to your home from being opened too often A warm home puts more pressure on any of your appliances especially your refrigerator.

  4. Put cold drinks and snacks in a cooler that your kids can move to where they are. The additional pressure on your appliance from opening and closing often can cause it to break.

  5. Cover all your food in the fridge: Uncovered food can allow food dust into your system, which can stop the airflow and cause breakage.

  6. Keep your refrigerator and microwave clean: a dirty appliance causes food to get into the vent system which causes problems with both of these.

  7. Prepare meals that cause the least amount of heat to bleed into the home. The less the heat added in the home will protect all of your appliances and allow your air-conditioner to work less.

  8. Do the majority of laundry in the evenings or when it's not as hot outside. Keeping our homes as cool as possible during the heat of the day will help our appliances not have to fight the heat when they are working.

  9. Make sure you use your dishwasher at least one time a week. But as per usual run it when it is not hot. Inside your dishwasher must be used often or the parts will dry up and break.

  10. Have all of your appliances professionally maintained every year: Our clients who have their appliances maintained typically do not need any additional repairs for an entire year.

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