Rain, Hail, Sunshine, or Snow. Prepare Your Home and Appliances For What's Next

Rain, Hail, Sunshine, or Snow. Prepare Your Home and Appliances For What's Next

Over the last few months, we have had more extreme weather than I believe I have ever seen in our state. If that pattern continues, right now is the time to prepare for more extreme weather to come. We cannot always see what's going to happen in the future. But preparing is critical in times like this. 

Rain, Hail, Sunshine, or Snow. We all need appliances that work.

I would have never thought that we would have the snowstorms that I saw in my front yard this year. Then the rounds of hail and tornadoes that have come through our area. Some of the hail was the size of grapefruit, crashed through sunroofs, and did over $400 million in damage.    Now we are having ongoing rain for what they say will be an entire week. Now, summer is on the way! None of us really know what will take place, but I can say if the pattern continues it will be hot with lots of storms. So right now, we need to get ready for the heat and for the storms.  It's time to protect our appliances and our homes from potential problems.
Things to protect our homes from:

Electric Storms

Lightning storms are one of my favorite things to watch but when I think that it has the potential to carry 1 billion volts I get concerned.  One hit of lightning even close to our homes can do serious damage and take out every electronic in our home and even potentially cause fires.

Protecting our appliance, our homes, our computers, our families which means protecting our future.

  • ·        Make sure you have great homeowners or renter’s insurance that covers lighting and rain.

  • ·      Have a whole house surge protection installed in your home before the storm hits.  We recommend these to all of our clients and can connect you with the electrician we recommend.

  • ·        Keep the trees and brush cut back from away from your roof it can protect your home from fires and electric issues during a storm.

  • ·        Do not use your bathroom as your safe room if your home is hit plumbing is an excellent conductor or electricity.

  • ·        Turn off ( Do not use) and preferably unplug your washer, dryer, microwave, dishwasher, or any unnecessary appliance during any electrical storm.

  • ·        Make sure your gutters on your roof are cleaned out regularly, it will protect your roof and your home from flooding.

The Heat of Summer

In Dallas, we know what heat is and every summer is very hot, and if it gets as hot as it was cold we might see new records being broken this year. When I was in college, I lived in Phoenix, Arizona one specific summer it was over 120° for over 2 months in a row.  We have hot summers here but there is something new that happens when it hits 120°. That is hot like I have never known before or since. But I did learn some specific things that have helped me stay cooler and now protect my home.

  • ·        Keep a cooler with cold beverages in order to keep your fridge door closed and the cool air inside. Water is the best choice to stay hydrated. coconut water is always a good choice it has many electrolytes. Here are some other ideas to help your fridge survive summer. 

  • ·        Make sure you have your refrigerator and all of your appliances professionally maintained as soon as possible. It will help your appliances stay cooler and not run extra hot which can cause them to break, particularly your refrigerator.

  • ·        Cook outside or in the evening, cooking during the heat of the day inside will make your air conditioner overwork and cause it to break which can cause other appliances to have issues.

  • ·        Install ceiling fans and use them, it can help your air conditioner work more effectively.

  • ·        Install heat blocking film on your windows to keep the heat out of your home.

  • ·        Make sure your appliances are ready for summer here is a list of things to make sure you have done before the heat of summer arrives.

  • ·        Have a plan for the kids – maybe a fun outing during the heat of summer to the pool or a camp that will teach them something new. This will keep your doors closed and your home more protected.

  • ·        Have a light-colored roof – a dark roof attracts heat.

  • ·        Make sure your attic fan works well and is maintained often. 

  • ·        Have your HVAC maintained properly and exchange your filter every 30 days. A well-running home will help you keep your appliances running well.  When one thing does not work well it can cause more issues, for instance when your HVAC goes out it can cause your refrigerators compressor to stop working.

We are here to help with all of your appliance needs and if you need help finding professionals to help with your home such as plumbers, please give us a call. 

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