What To Do When Your GE Refrigerator Stops Cooling?

What To Do When Your GE Refrigerator Stops Cooling?

What To Do When Your GE Refrigerator Stops Cooling?

So, your GE Refrigerator is not cooling and you wondering what steps you can take to get it working again without spending a fortune. There are many reasons your fridge can be acting up, knowing some specific details can get that appliance up and running more quickly. Here are some questions to answer before you call your trusted appliance technician.

Is your Refrigerator Warm and Your Freezer is Cold?

This is a common complaint specifically on GE refrigerators. When I am serving our clients by answering phones, I hear this complaint regularly. It can happen due to a few things that are simple to fix.

  • The refrigerator or freezer is stuffed too full - your appliance needs the ability to move air to cool your food properly. Without the space to move the air, your food will not be at the right temperature. Additionally, it can put an additional strain on the sealed system of the appliance which can cause your refrigerator to stop working and possibly need to be replaced.
  • A sticky thermistor can also cause this problem, when this does not turn off and on when it is needed it can cause your appliance to become too hot or too cold.
  • Food Dust - Leaving food open in your fridge will eventually cause this. If you do not keep your food covered up is causes food dust to float around and stick to parts of the defrost system which will cause it to stop working and cause things to be at the wrong temperature.
  • Fan Motor or Blade that is not moving air - If you have your refrigerator overstuffed for long periods of time it can cause your fan to stop working which then will cause your fridge to have spots of hot air and possibly cause your freezer to be too cold. Your GE Refridgerator needs plenty of space and it also needs to be cleaned out every week. Get rid of the food you no longer need in order to allow your unit to work well.
  • Dirty of Frosted Evaporator Coils - When your evaporator attempts to move cool air over the coils if it has dirt or ice stoping it this can cause your fridge to start getting hot. We recommend having your appliance maintenance every year which can stop this from taking place.

Remember when you can your trusted local appliance repair technician to have your model number and specifics on what your refrigerator is doing. This can give them the ability to come out knowing what is going on in advance and possibly fix your appliance in one stop.

We can answer questions like this for you at A+ Certified Appliance. Give us a call to schedule time for your technician to come out of your home.

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