8 Tips to Make Your Fridge Last Longer and Save You Money

8 Ways to make your fridge last longer

8 Ways to make your fridge last longer

Do you fear having your refrigerator break down and that you will lose all of your food? Well, you are not alone. According to new research, it is one of the most feared ideas when it comes to your home appliances. We can live without a washer or dryer but that fridge is the workhorse of your home. It holds food, medicine, and items that you can not live without.

And on average by the time your appliance hits 4 years, it will have at least one major repair that will be needed. So in order to save you both time and money we are going to share some tips that can help you keep your fridge from breaking or at least lengthen the lifespan of your fridge.

Your refrigerator is an important part of your household. It's where you keep all your food, so it needs to be in tip-top shape. But with all the hard work your fridge puts in every day, it can get worn down over time.

Here are 10 ways to make sure that doesn't happen:

  1. Clean out your fridge regularly. Remove anything past its expiration date and clean off any spills or splatters in the back. It's not just good for the health of your food; it'll also help keep your fridge running smoothly for longer!
  2. Check for leaks! If you see water dripping from somewhere inside the fridge, check out our blog post on how to fix leaky fridges here.
  3. Check the seals around the freezer door and replace them if they look worn out or cracked. This will help keep cool air from escaping into your kitchen instead of staying in your fridge where it belongs!
  4. Adjust the temperature settings on your fridge until they're just right for what you need 
  5. Make sure there aren't any gaps between shelves that could let warm air escape into other parts of the fridge
  6. Don't put hot foods in your fridge—they'll make everything else condense faster than it should.
  7. Don't stick anything sharp into the walls or doors of your fridge—this could cause damage over time!
  8. Keep an eye on how much food is left in each compartment so you can tell when something needs replacing or refilling before it spoils.
  9. Don’t overstuff your fridge - make sure you have space that will give the items in your fridge airflow to get to the proper temperature.
  10. Have your refrigerator maintenance done once a year by a professional appliance service company. If done properly this will lengthen the life of your fridge by at least 30% it will also give you a heads up on if your machine is under distress and what needs to be done if anything. Knowing how long your appliance is likely to last is important so you can plan for the cost of a new appliance.
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