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It may be surprising just how often your dryer gets used. The average American tends to do at least 300 loads of laundry in a single year, which means a whole lot of drying is involved. In the old days, our great grandmothers had to rely on the sun to dry out the sopping clothes. This was often a very ineffective solution, since weather conditions could never be counted on. Moreover, drying clothes outside often made them dirty again from blowing dust and debris, especially here in Texas. Even if there was no wind, clothes were bound to be starchy and hard, and sometimes the sun would discolor or bleach them.

Thankfully, the technology of modern dryers has come a long way since then. Every time we use this powerful appliance, no matter the season, we expect to unload warm, dry clothes, fluffy, de-linted, and soft, full of that fresh laundry scent. We certainly do not expect to open our dryer and find a pile of damp shirts and towels because this normally tough appliance has unexpectedly broken down. When this unfortunate circumstance occurs, you will definitely feel frustrated about trying to find enough space to hang all your clothing, so it does not remain moist, or even begin to grow smelly and moldy. Do not fear, however, but instead quickly call our technicians at A Plus Certified Appliance. We can help you get rapid dryer repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth so that you can immediately start drying your laundry again.

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Noticing the Warning Signals of Dryer Failure

It is very important to take heed to signals that your dryer might malfunction. This way, you can often prevent a breakdown when it only requires minor repairs. A complete failure of your dryer is not only more expensive to fix, but it can take some time for certain parts to arrive, especially if they are large or specialized features. Since you do not want to be stuck with lots of damp heaps of laundry, it is much better to identify the signals that your dryer is beginning to break down and contact our reliable technicians immediately.

Some of the clearest signs that your dryer is in need of repairs include:

  • An inability to start the washing process, or even have the introduction setup begin
  • Lack of heat within the dryer
  • Extensive lengths of time in drying clothes
  • Loud screeching sounds or grating noises
  • Clothes never fully dry in a single cycle but require multiple attempts
  • Rhythmic thumping, banging and clunking emerging from the dryer
  • The dryer appears to be running but not actually drying anything
  • The electricity keeps being tripped by the dryer, suggesting that the heating element is malfunctioning
  • The drum will not spin, showing that the capacitor is most likely broken or malfunctioning
  • Your dryer is overheating or shows signs of burning
  • Blockages in the dryer cause water to re-drain and re-soak your clothes

Reliable Services for Any Situation

Your dryer may be suffering from a minor malfunction to a major breakdown, but no matter what, our experts at A Plus Certified Appliance have you covered. For any dryer repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can depend on us to give accurate diagnoses and comprehensive solutions to get your dryer operating smoothly again.

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