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If you have ever experienced a sudden blackout or power outage in your home, particularly during the sweltering months of our Texan summer, what is the first appliance you start worrying about? Most people would agree that when the electricity gets cut, the primary appliance they start becoming anxious over is the freezer. This is because the freezer is one of the most crucial appliances in your entire kitchen. A smoothly running freezer is absolutely indispensable to a modern American home. Without a well-working freezer, you would not be able to store several meals, keep fresh ingredients preserved, and prevent bacteria from infecting your food. Freezers save us a lot of time, so we do not have to continuously go to the store every day. In addition, however, there are a lot of our favorite foods that simply cannot be stored in a refrigerator, from ice cream to popsicles to our reliable ready-made frozen pizza.

Because our freezer is the appliance that is most used in the home, running 24 hours a day, it also has the greatest usage of electricity (only air conditioners use more). And since it is constantly running, the kitchen freezer is also very liable to break down. When this event occurs, you could be in a lot of trouble if you do not act fast. Unlike most mechanical failures, a broken freezer has a limited window of time to be fixed before the consequences go from being inconvenient to downright dangerous. You will need to immediately call A Plus Certified Appliance so that we can support you with rapid freezer repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Call us today at (972) 210-0599 to get your freezer back to fully functioning.

Our Freezer Repair Process

When your freezer suddenly breaks down, there is no time to lose. You need to immediately call so our knowledgeable team can get your unit up and running again. Our services will include everything necessary to make sure it is back to running smoothly.

The process of restoring your freezer to full health includes:

  • A detailed inspection that will allow us to accurately diagnose what exactly the problem is
  • A clear set of recommendations to match your individual preferences and usage needs
  • The projected estimate of any costs involved, not just of replacement parts and tools
  • What exactly will be involved in the repair, including the costs of equipment, tools, and labor

Why You Need Professional Support

According to the USDA, the ingredients and meals in your freezer can only safely hold food for a maximum of 48 hours, and this window is even smaller when your freezer is just partly full. Bacteria are not prevented by being frozen, so leaving meals or items of food out means that your food could quickly become rotten. Even if your food only has light signs of spoilage or mold, it could cause severe stomach problems and illnesses.

The danger involved from consuming poorly chilled food, covered in layers of invisible bacteria, means that you need to get in touch with our reliable team at A Plus Certified Appliance right away. Only experienced professionals can repair your freezer in Dallas-Fort Worth, and our technicians are renowned for their skill, efficiency, and promptness.

Contact us now at (972) 210-0599 so that we can rapidly repair your freezer needs before everything starts to melt.

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