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Having an ice maker in certain locations around the world, such as Antarctica or Alaska, could be redundant, but this is definitely not the case in the state of Texas. While we do sometimes experience occasional cold spells in December and January, usually the weather is warm enough that an ice maker is essential to avoid having tepid, lukewarm drinks. There is nothing like coming in from a sweltering day and sipping on a chilled beverage.

So, if your ice machine suddenly breaks or malfunctions, what are you going to do? Trying to freeze ice cubes in those plastic trays is simply messy, slow, and inefficient. There is no way that you can quickly make enough cubes to last for your entire backyard BBQ, especially as people get dehydrated in the hot summer sun. Moreover, the ice cubes made in your freezer tend to take on the taste of the objects around them – and no one likes the taste of frozen stale peas in their soda. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, you need to immediately contact A Plus Certified Appliance when it looks like you are in need of ice machine repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth. We can get your ice maker up and running so you and your guests can truly relax with an icy glass in hand.

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Troubleshooting Your Ice Machine

If it appears that your ice machine is refusing to work correctly, or if it simply will not operate at all, there is a whole variety of aspects that could be contributing to the problem. Since most machines are cooled by chilled air within, there needs to be appropriate clearance to give enough room for the ice that has been generated. If the machine is too crowded, there will not be enough space for the cooling air. In addition, if there is any room for dust or dirt to get into the system, these contaminants will negatively affect the condenser's ability to stay cool, making it harder and longer to make any ice.

Indications That Your Ice Machine Is Failing

Since the best way to address an ice machine failure is by being proactive, take careful notes of any sign your appliance is on its way out. This way, we can help prevent an emergency, so you are not stranded with 50 guests at your home and no ice.

Some of the most common signs that your ice machine needs repairs include:

  • A lack of water in the machine due to problems with the water inlet
  • An absence of liquid over the evaporator due to a faulty pump
  • The gas leak or compressor will not chill the water
  • An overheated evaporator fan

Professional Repairs for Intricate Parts

In comparison to traditional freezers and the old method of using ice trays to slowly make ice, these ice machines are certainly excellent at creating clear, tasty ice at a rapid rate. This is why you will always want to have an individual machine in addition to your normal freezer, which should only be used for storing food.

One problem with ice makers, however, is that they require more individual components, some which are quite tiny, in order to function, and these can wear down more quickly than the parts in a larger freezer. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the moment that your ice machine began to experience problems, so you can alert our skilled technicians at A Plus Certified Appliance to fix them.

Contact us now at (972) 210-0599 for reliable ice machine repair in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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