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Experienced & Dependable Microwave Repairs in Dallas and Tarrant Counties 

When it comes to contemporary appliances that make our busy lives more convenient, the microwave is one of the most indispensable. You may be heating some tasty leftovers, so they do not go to waste, or perhaps are feeding the kids a quick snack after they come home starving from football practice. Then again, you might want to make a delicious bowl of buttery popcorn, perfect for movie night. But what happens when your microwave decides to stop working?

When looking for rapid, high-quality microwave repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can trust our A Plus Certified Appliance technicians to get the job done right the first time.

Has your microwave decided to stop working? Call A Plus Certified Appliance today at (972) 210-0599 or contact us online for microwave repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth! 

What Types of Microwaves Can We Repair? 

You may be wondering if your microwave will be able to be repaired since some units are certainly more complicated to install and fix than others. Rest assured, however, that our expert technicians can take care of your microwave since we are so familiar with multiple types of appliances.

Just a few of the types of microwaves which we have repaired for our customers include:

  • Countertop microwaves – These convenient microwaves, which come in a wide range of wattages and sizes, are easy to move, making them prone to more damage if they get bumped around too much. Because they rest on the counter, food, water, and debris can often get stuck in electrical components.
  • Drawer microwaves: These units can be neatly installed below the wall oven or a counter, where they can easily and conveniently slide out at a perfect height for any family member. However, the constant movement can make hinges liable to malfunction or break.
  • Cabinet microwaves: Because these types of microwaves are attached to your cabinet or cupboard, their style perfectly blends in with the rest of your kitchen appliances and furnishings. These kinds of microwaves often have a handy door that drops down, just like a conventional oven, but the hinges of this door can also become loose due to the angle at which they are opened repeatedly. Their location can also make them complicated to remove without a professional’s help.
  • Built-in microwaves above the stove-range: Combining a range hood with a complete microwave, these appliances show off how far modern technology has come. They save space and are very functional, and the hood keeps grease from splashing and smoke from spreading. Due to their extra components, however, these microwaves require highly skilled technicians to remove and repair them.

The Importance of a Powerful Microwave

Of all appliances in your home, the microwave is one of the most used and important. Not only is heating food and drink in the microwave a tremendous timesaver but doing so can be extremely helpful in keeping you and your family safe. A microwave’s high heat levels can entirely kill harmful bacterial growth residing in your food, whereas the stove or oven often only heats up the food surfaces. It also saves much cleaning time since you no longer have to keep washing dirty pots and pans.

Since a broken microwave is detrimental to your way of life, do not delay but immediately contact our team at A Plus Certified Appliance. 

Contact A Plus Certified Appliance today to meet with one of our microwave repair technicians in Dallas-Fort Worth. 

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